★Available ★The sixth sports tourism convention in Saga (2018/3/15-16 holding)

Sports tourism convention that we hold every year in each places promoting sports tourism of the whole country. In this year to reach the sixth, holding in Saga was decided on Friday for from Thursday, March 15, 2018 to 16th. As we invite people engaged in battle front as lecturer, and it is at opportunity when it is revealed now of sports tourism including lecture and panel discussion, for two days, company, the local government, group in conjunction with sports tourism promotion look forward to your participation.
 ★Downloading of flyer data from this (PDF: 1/19 update version)


◆Summary ※Contents may be changed partly.


Opening /13 is going to be finished at 30 start - 17:30 at ... 13:00 on Thursday, March 15 (17:30 - social gathering)
It is going to close at opening /9:30 start - 12:45 at ... 9:00 on Friday, March 16
[sports tourism promotion organization workshop] Friday, March 16 ... from 13:30 to 15:00

Place Hotel Grande hagakure
(Tenjin, Saga-shi, Saga 2-1-36/TEL:0952-25-2212)
Entrance fee Free (social gathering entrance fee: 5,000 yen/)
Sponsorship Saga
General Japan sports tourism promotion mechanism (JSTA)
Support (plan) Japan Tourism Agency / sports agency others


◆Program: Thursday, March 15
Time Main venue (flower hall)  Lobby, others
13:30 ... Opening ceremony
・Sponsor greetings
 Governor of Saga Sho Yamaguchi justice
 General Japan sports tourism promotion system's chairperson Munehiko Harada
Booth display
14:10 ... Basic tone lecture①
 Sports agency (during adjustment)
14:40 ... Basic tone lecture②
"Relations with the situation and district surrounding mega sporting event" (provisionally)
JSTA director, Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games advisor Jotaro Ueji
15:20 ... Break
15:35 ...

Panel discussion "coming sports tourism in district"
 ・Kyushu sports tourism *susumikyogikaisugishimasaichishi
 ・Under other adjustment
 ・Coordinator: Munehiko Harada (JSTA chairperson)

17:30 ...

Social gathering


◆Program: Friday, March 16

  Main venue (flower hall) The second venue (symphony hall) Lobby
[1-1] "How do you reach prior camping in 2020?"
  • NPO corporation sports community Karuizawa club's executive managing director Yoichiro Kozaki
  • Tokamachi-shi, Niigata sports commission vice-chairperson Ryoichi Uemura
[2-1] "Regional activation which utilized sporting event"
  • Under adjustment
  • Coordinator: Masaki Yamashita (JSTA seminar committee, JTB)
Booth display
 [1-2] "Sports tourism utilized local resources"
  • "Sports tourism which took advantage" of "rafting world championship 2017"
  • "Regional activation in depopulated village through mountain bike" (provisionally)
    Representative from CLEAT Eiichi Masunaga
  • Coordinator: Ken Yoshinaga (JSTA inspector)
[2-2] From "this of participation type sporting event"
  • Local marathon meeting
    Hiroyuki Koga, Yasuo Yoshii
  • National cycle tourism cooperation promotion meeting
    Yoshimoto Nakajima (representative from (one) origin sports Japan director)
  • Lunt lip representative director Eiichiro Omori
  • Coordinator: Shinichiro Otsuka (JSTA director, (public corporation) Japan Triathlon Union's executive managing director, international association of triathlon (ITU) vice-chairperson, Director of Japanese Olympic Committee)
12:45 ...
 Closing (as for the "sports tourism promotion organization workshop" participant taking a lunch break rest)

Sports tourism promotion organization workshop <second venue (symphony hall)>

[contents] argue between participation based on theme that contents about administration of organization promoting sports tourism such as sports commission were selected as, and is workshop exchanging information. 
※Please note that contents may be changed in future.

※Person belonging to sports tourism promotion organization can participate. Other one can see.

With sports tourism promotion organization, we do with organization moving into action in accordance with 4 following requirements.
≪It is organization of requirements 1 >> permanent construction and is active through the year. (except organization of period)
≪We are doing town planning, regional activation which crossed promotion of requirements 2 >> sports tourism, sports including invitation of holding, meeting and camp, camping of event and local resources with one of the main activities.
≪Requirements 3 >> local government, sports group, private enterprises (tourism industry, sports industry) are united we form organization or collaborate and are active.
≪We perform wide activity for regional activation by sports without being specialized in holding of meeting, event of requirements 4 >> identification and the incidental business.


※In Saga, "Hizen Saga late Tokugawa period revolution exhibition" is started on Saturday the next day on 17th.
You already stay for one night, and come to venue by all means. For more details, please see official site.
"Hizen Saga late Tokugawa period revolution exhibition" official site:

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Information for year-end and New Year suspension of business

The secretariat will be closed until Wednesday, January 3 from Thursday, December 28.
The beginning of the year starts duties from 10:00 on Thursday, January 4.

Please inform of inquiry, shipment of document early to the JSTA secretariat.

Sports agency: In asoview (asobyu) "ENJOY! SPORTS TOURISM op-ed page establishment

As one of the approaches that sports agency plans promotion of regional activation by sports, we develop "sports tourism movement creation business" from this year.
We spotlight "outdoor sports" that we can utilize comfortable natural environments of Japan in this year, and many people are easy to try happily and rouse demand.

In model activity information site "asoview" (asobyu) more experience-based as part of the approach than December 12 domestic the largest landing type op-ed page "ENJOY! We established SPORTS TOURISM.

For more details, look at the following site.
"asoview" op-ed page link

The sixth JSTA seminar in Kyushu (January 19, 2018) held decision!

It was decided that we held JSTA seminar held in Tokyo in Fukuoka in January, 2018!
We introduce real approach in Kyushu from the basics of sports tourism this time.

※Contents may be changed partly.

Lecture ① "sports tourism and local construction"
                   General Japan sports tourism promotion system's chairperson Munehiko Harada

Lecture ② "has just begun when to this of sports tourism promotion"
Saga sports commission Koji Eshima
Greetings Kyushu sports tourism *susumikyogikaidaihyorijisugishimasaichishi
※There are support company booth display and exchange meeting, too.
Summary: 2017 sixth JSTA seminar
 The date and time: Friday, January 19, 2018
     It is plan opening 13 for 00/ start from 13:30 to 16:10
     After seminar, there is meeting exchanging business cards. (we plan at end 17:00)
 Venue: Fuji Xerox Kyushu the second floor meeting room
    (1-6-16, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi Nishitetsu Hakata station square building)

Support: Kyushu Department of Transportation, Fukuoka, Saga,
Fuji Xerox Kyushu company, Fuji Xerox Fukuoka
Fuji Xerox Kumamoto, Fuji Xerox Nagasaki
Fuji Xerox Kagoshima company, Fuji Xerox Yamaguchi

Cooperation: Kyushu sports tourism promotion meeting

Tuition: Free of charge ※Prior application system (we accept as soon as it becomes capacity and are finished)

Exhibition for "SNOW RESORT JAPAN No. 4" digital

Digital version of published by general Japan Snow sports & resorts meeting "SNOW RESORT JAPAN No. 4" doing booklet was released to JSTA on cooperation.
It becomes booklet to introduce each number, Japanese attractive ski resort or Japanese culture for overseas skier to, and it is issuance of 4 size eyes this year. Booklet becomes only English.

SNOW RESORT JAPAN No. 4 digital version is this