★Available ★The fifth JSTA seminar holding! (2017/12/15 15:00 ...)

This JSTA seminar to be the last in 2017 always changes meeting place, and it is in meeting place, and cafe of Shibuya holds with cozy atmosphere early.
Seminar theme is led by the government, and it is sports tourism circumstances and international Snow sports exhibition participation report that suddenly spread of China in Beijing performed in September.
But year-end pressing * is time, but please participate with your friends.

Lecture theme: Chinese sports tourism and in bound to suddenly spread

Report "World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo" participation report
 ・Secretary General of general corporate judicial person Japan sports tourism promotion system Tetsuro Nakayama


Lecture "Chinese sports tourism which suddenly spreads" (provisionally)
 ・General corporate judicial person Japan sports tourism promotion system's chairperson Munehiko Harada



2017 fifth JSTA seminar
 The date and time: Friday, December 15, 2017 from 15:00 to 17:00 plan (14:30 acceptance start)
 Meeting place: Shibuya The Rally Table the first floor (1-12-16, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku ASIA BUILDING)
     ※There is table tennis shop "VICTAS" at entrance, and the depths that passed through shop become meeting place
 Capacity: 50 (first-come-first-served basis. We close as soon as it becomes capacity.)


One JSTA corporate member (or for the member number of persons) is free
       After the second 2,160 yen (3,000 yen)
JSTA individual member 2,160 yen (3,000 yen)
The public    5,400 yen (6,000 yen)
Student    1,000 yen (1,000 yen) ※Student identification card bringing required

 () Day of inner ha rate          
 ※But there is thing that we do not accept on the day when we reach capacity. 
 ※In the case of prior application, it costs settlement fee separately.
 ※About student entrance fee: Only for junior high student / high school student / University undergraduate at non-working / graduate student / technical school life,
  We make it a condition that we show student identification card in expiration date at reception desk on the day.

  Payment becomes only cash payment on the day.
 ※About cancellation after settlement completion, please note that you become nonrefundable.

We offer drink (coffee or tea) for one cup of 300 yen in meeting place.
Order, please pay the difference on the day in meeting place.

Application method:

▼Application site

As for corporate member, member of local government, member of sports group, public interest corporate member, individual member, the registered general participant (nonmember), I would like payment application than member system "493 net".
→After login, you can file than "event application" for [event information] menu.

※Group manager apply for member of corporation, local government, group on participant report.
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Indication of entrance fee is "0 yen", but please pay entrance fee in showing student identification card at reception desk on the day.

Apply by email to the JSTA secretariat whether general participant (nonmember) who does not finish registration has you propose to "493 net" after registration.
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[application, inquiry] The JSTA secretariat
  TEL: 03-6441-2045 (weekdays from 10:00 to 18:00)


The sixth JSTA seminar in Fukuoka (January 19, 2018) held decision!

It was decided that JSTA seminar held in Tokyo held in Fukuoka in January, 2018!
We introduce real approach in Kyushu from the basics of sports tourism this time.

※Contents may be changed partly.

"Raw sports tourism and local wound" lecture ① (provisionally)
                   General corporate judicial person Japan sports tourism promotion system's chairperson Munehiko Harada

Lecture ② "(provisionally) that it has just begun until now of sports tourism promotion"
Saga sports commission Hiroshi Eshima
Summary: 2017 fifth JSTA seminar
 The date and time: Friday, January 19, 2018 13:30 ...
 Meeting place: Fuji Xerox Fukuoka the second floor meeting room (1-6-16, Hakataekimae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi Nishitetsu Hakata station square building)
Tuition: Free of charge ※Prior application system (we accept as soon as it becomes capacity and are finished)
Application method: As we announce the future, wait a minute.

Exhibition for "SNOW RESORT JAPAN No. 4" digital

Digital version of published by general corporate judicial person Japan Snow sports & resorts meeting "SNOW RESORT JAPAN No. 4" that we did booklet was released to JSTA on cooperation.
It becomes booklet to introduce each number, Japanese attractive ski resort or Japanese culture for overseas skier to, and it is issuance of 4 size eyes this year. Booklet becomes only English.

SNOW RESORT JAPAN No. 4 digital version is this

Recruitment of Japan Tourism Agency "model business for activation of Snow resort area" enforcers

It is news of conduct and model business enforcer offer of Japan Tourism Agency model business in "activated promotion meeting of Snow resort area" that Munehiko Harada of JSTA chairperson acts as chairperson, and JSTA participates in as affiliate for activation of Snow resort area.
During open call for participants period, it must arrive by 17:00 for from Monday, October 23, 2017 to Friday, November 17

The details such as target business or application requirements look at the following Japan Tourism Agency site. html

★Available ★ Sports culture tourism symposium 2017

Sports culture tourism symposium 2017
... sports culture tourism Award 2017 commendation ceremony ...

 We tie sports and culture art resources of each area with holding in our country of global events such as Tokyo Olympics Paralympics tournaments near at hand in 2020 and bring about new tourist attractions to be able to boast of to the world, and sports agency, Agency for Cultural Affairs and Japan Tourism Agency create new area brand and Japan brand and plan cooperation for the purpose of promoting sightseeing promotion, area promotion.

 We hold "sports culture tourism symposium" secondary to 2016 and hold "sports culture tourism Award 2017" commendation ceremony in symposium, and, for group chosen as the award, Director General of three agency performs commendation ceremony.
We announce excellent approach, and "sports culture tourism Award 2017" commends for excavation of success example of sports culture tourism and example that will be promising in future. This award commends for two branches of Meister section, challenge section.

<explanation of each section>
(1) Meister section
   It is the held results of the above-mentioned event or approach that is continuous more than three years ever three times,
   Sports culture tourism which contributes to increase of domestic and foreign tourists.
(2) Challenge section
   We do not fill up on application condition of the Meister section mentioned above, but are approach with the above-mentioned conduct once,
   Sports culture tourism which effect of increase of domestic and foreign tourists to area can expect.

 In held "sports tourism meeting *," exhibition of display of "sports culture tourism Award 2017" and "sports tourism meeting" booth is performed at the same time in (from November 22 to November 26), around meeting place during period, too.

※We relate culture art resources to each local sport, and establishment sends local brand and Japan brand created newly and plans activation of increase of visit to Japan tourist and sightseeing in country, and sports culture tourism is to aim at activation of Japan and regional economy.

※Sports tourism meeting is hosted: It is held by Japan Airport Terminal, public corporate judicial person Japan sports tourism promotion mechanism.


Date Wednesday, November 22, 2017 from 13:00 to 18:30
The opening: 12:30
Place Haneda Airport first traveler terminal building the sixth floor galaxxxy hall
For more information:

Free of charge ※Prior application system (200 first arrival)
(network session (exchange meeting) after symposium is entrance fee 2,000 yen. You propose at reception desk, and please pay on the day)


Sports agency, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan Tourism Agency

Simultaneous holding

"Sports tourism week"
Sponsorship: Japan Airport Terminal
   General corporate judicial person Japan sports tourism promotion mechanism


The sports culture tourism symposium 2017 application reception desk secretariat

[program summary] ※Please note that contents may be changed.

12:30 The opening: Acceptance start
13:00 Opening of a meeting greetings
 ・Sports agency sports generalization official Akira Hirai Shigeru
 ・Japan Airport Terminal representative director, vice-president Hisashi Suzuki Yasushi

Sports culture tourism symposium 2017
... award 2017 commendation ceremony ...
 ・Receiving a prize group representative (Meister section 2 group, challenge section 3 group)
◆Talk session by Director General
 ・Secretary of Daichi Suzuki sports agency
 ・The Ryohei Miyata Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs
 ・Secretary of Akihiko Tamura Japan Tourism Agency
 ・Coordinator: Kanae Takeuchi

14:40 Break

"Sports culture tourism X Haneda Airport X area"
◆Special lecture ... Munehiko Harada (Japanese sports tourism promotion system's chairperson, House of Waseda University sports science arts and sciences's professor)
◆Example introduction ... "Gulf of Omura ZEKKEI ride" presentation ... Yasushi Sonoda (the Mayor of Omura, Nagasaki)
◆Talk session
 ・Katsuya Kato (Japan Airport Terminal managing director)
 ・Takashi Yasui (Imabari-shi industry manager, front Setouchi Shimanami Kaido promotion meeting)
 ・Large bottom Yoshiyuki (researcher Chairman Mayor of Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting art, culture policy center)
 ・Mr. Harada Shizuka Liu texture (in bound producer, land Reem representative)
 ・Coordinator: Munehiko Harada

[hall A] Break (from 16:30 to 16:50)

◆Sports culture tourism symposium 2017
   [hall C] ※Entrance fee 2,000 yen

◆Sports tourism week
Network session (exchange meeting)

"Award 2017 challenge section choice example brushing up!"
 ・Challenge section receiving a prize group representative
 ・Coordinator: okahoshiryubishi (Professor Tokyo Fuji University Business Administration Department event produce subject)

※Because workshop reached capacity, we closed receptionist.

  JAT X JSTA sports tourism business introduction
 ・Munehiko Harada
 ・Yasushi Sonoda
 ・Shuichi Tokita (Toyota TRIKE advisor)
 ・Mr. Shigeki Kobayashi (non profit organization bicycle utilization promotion society's director)
 ・Toshihiro Yamazaki (Japan Airport Terminal traveler terminal administration headquarters facility administration manager)
18:30 It is going to be finished

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